I feel compelled to write a summary of Clear Insurance and the work they did for our home and auto policies. Prior to switching to Clear Insurance, who was recommended to me by my brother, I had been told my home and auto policies were about as inexpensive as I could get them for that level of coverage. I trusted my previous agent believing he was being fully honest with his comments. A few months later, after my brother and I spoke about our insurance costs, he told me to call Clear Insurance and see what they had to say. After our first conversation it was clear our home insurance was exorbitantly high. Switching to the company they recommended saved us $2400 annually. My auto policy was about right, however, my agent walked me through it line by line explaining what we could drop or adjust, while keeping our policy as protective as we needed. This dropped the cost a few hundred dollars per year. In short, never have I had an insurance agent give me so much time and effort.

I can’t recommend Clear Insurance highly enough.